Mini Christmas Puddings

Create these easy mini Christmas puddings with only 3 ingredients


I’ve been making these 3 ingredient Mini Christmas puddings for years and I have to tell you, the “wow” reaction I get when people see them never gets old.


They are perfect to take to a party or to give as a handmade gift in a little box.


All you will need is:

  • 500g dark fruit cake – I buy the supermarket brand for only $5
  • 200g white chocolate – chips, melts or block, for me it’s whatever is on special
  • green and red Mini M&Ms

To make them:

  • break up the fruit cake into a bowl into chunks
  • roll the cake into balls – I like to use a scale so I know they’re even, about 25g. If you don’t have scales, it’ll be slightly smaller than a golf ball but really you can make them whatever size you like.
  • melt the chocolate and gently pour it onto the top of one ball with a teaspoon. Let it drip down the sides so it looks like custard
  • place one red and one green Mini M&M on top
  • repeat with the next ball
  • makes about 20 at this size

Done! Easy peasy!


Here are a few tips that I’ve learned in my time:

  • if the cake is a bit dry, add a tiny drop of fruit juice to make it stick. You could use water but juice adds to the flavour.
  • you can make them any size you like but if they are larger than a golf ball, use full size M&Ms. It just looks better.
  • put the chocolate and M&Ms on each ball one at a time. If you put the chocolate on all of them, then go back to do the M&Ms, guess what? the chocolate will have set and those babies won’t stick. It is not fun to have to go back and redo. Trust me on this one.


I’d love to know if you’ve had a go at making these mini Christmas puddings or any variations you made. Let me know in the comments below.

Louise xx