“I didn’t choose craft blogging, craft blogging chose me.”


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Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to try. When I was deciding on a niche, I pondered a few ideas but craft blogging is the only one that kept resonating with me. Lucky I love it because it can be hard work. Here’s 5 reasons why craft blogging is hard work.

If you’re a craft blogger, do these problems resonate with you too?


1. Finding time to make projects

Craft bloggers are at a disadvantage because we can’t just sit down and write. We have to actually make something and then take our own photos of it before posting.  If you’re like me and have a lot of things going on in your life like kids, work, study and trying to keep your house looking half presentable, sometimes the last thing on your mind is working on a craft project. On top of that, trying to put together a blog post to show others how to make it can turn it into the perfect storm.

This has been my biggest roadblock to growing my blog. I’m slowly learning that it won’t just happen. The best way to create good quality posts is to actually schedule the time in your week to make your project, photograph and post. Make it an appointment in your diary that you can’t cancel.

Schedule time to craft



2. Dealing with the technical stuff when you just want to be

There is a big difference between crafting and craft blogging. The actual technical process of blogging is haaard. I’ve written a thousand posts in my mind but man it takes so much effort to make just one post
a reality. I just want to create things, take photos and show the world what I’ve made. To be able to do that though takes a lot of technical thinking. I guess it’s kind of creative but in a more right-brain kind of way. You have to work out what you’re going to write, fonts, headings, images, SEO, keyword search, affiliate links etc., etc., etc. as well as that you have to think about how you’re going to get people to read your blog. It’s a lot and it can be overwhelming and take some of the shine off crafting.

It is so worth it though when you get even one comment about how great your project is or some other positive encouragement.

There is a big difference between crafting and craft blogging



 3. Photography

Taking good quality photos of your work can be a nightmare! You can create a masterpiece but then take a photo of it and it looks like it’s been kicked around the floor for a week. Or it can be bright and colourful but your photos make it look like the colour of dishwater. Getting good photos makes me weak in the knees. I only get time to craft at night and of course that’s the worst time to take them, without natural light. Thank goodness for digital cameras where we can take a thousand pictures until we get the right one then delete the rest. Imagine trying to do it back in the days of film!

The photography side of things is something I’m still working on but I’m thinking of getting a light box like this to be able to take better photos at any time of the day.

Photography Shoot



4. Needing to keep up with manicures

Speaking of photography, sometimes it’s necessary to demonstrate what you’re doing while you’re holding something which means your hands end up in the photo. Now, I don’t know about you but if I don’t get time to craft then I certainly don’t get time to have a manicure. Sometimes a really good reason I don’t put a tutorial post together is because my nail polish is chipped or the gel manicure I had 2 months ago has grown out so much it looks
like a reverse French polish. At the moment it’s worse! My gel polish is growing out and the nail polish over the top to cover it is chipping off!

It’s probably best to either have natural nails or get your craft projects done in bulk while your manicure is fresh. If you have another solution to this I’d love to know. Some pretty gloves maybe?

Craft photos look better with a manicure



 5. Feeling like the market is saturated

There are so many beautiful craft blogs out there and just a quick scroll through Pinterest can make you wonder “what’s the point?” I’ve really struggled with this one at times and felt a bit defeated but I always come back to the same conclusion – everyone puts their own personality into their blog and there may be others out there just waiting for your perspective come along. I’ve found some gorgeous project inspiration over the years from large blogs and teeny tiny blogs and I’m grateful for all of them.

If you’re feeling discouraged, I hope you’ll stick with it. Even if you only help one person, you’ve made a difference.

Let your light shine


Let your craft blog shine!

 Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash


Feel free to share the name of your craft blog below so I can check it out.



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