About Us


 Hi, I’m Louise and I am ‘The Inspired Crafter’.

As a little girl I remember being surrounded by the creations of my grandmothers, aunties, mother and older sister. Looking back now I can see how their handmade touch played a large part in making our house a home. This fabulous pastime has been handed down to me and crafting has now become my happy place.

It wasn’t until one of my children was diagnosed with a life-altering medical condition that I realised how therapeutic crafting is. Being able to create something bright and joyful helped me to find sunshine in some very dark days.

I am married with 3 boys aged 13, 12 and 8 and am a qualified teacher but currently retraining to be a School Counsellor. This means I’m studying my Honours year in Psychology while at the same time working in schools. On top of this I run my children to all of their after school activities and (try) to maintain my home! Even though I am, like most people, SO busy, I always find time to craft.

Because of my lifestyle, I focused on finding projects that are simple and inexpensive. I’ve spent hours searching online and in stores to find the exact products I needed as well as looking for inspiration. It was through this process that I realised I wanted to save others time and effort by curating all of my awesome finds.

The Inspired Crafter is designed to bring you the best stores, supplies, demonstrations and tips into one creative space.

I know you will find something here to inspire you.

Louise xx